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11 November 1918: End of WW1. Germany beaten.

1933: German elections won by the Nazi party. They are led by crazy Adolf Hitler. Winston Churchill of Britain tries to warn the Brits but no one listens.

1937: In Europe two teams are being formed: THE ALLIES of Britain France and Russia vs THE AXIS of Germany and Italy.

23 August 1939: Germany (Adolf Hitler) and Russia (Joseph Stalin) agree not to fight each other.

1 September 1939: Hitler's army invades Poland and shares it with Russia Britan and France will fight for Poland's liberty.

3 September: Britain and France declare war on Germany. Winston Churchill is mafe First Lord of the Admiralty.

9 April: Germany invades Denmark.

10 May: Britain makes Churchill it's Prime Minister.

June: Brits fighting in France fall back to the beaches at Dunkirk. Italy join Germany and declare war on the ALLIES.

14 June: Germany invades Paris. The French didn't want their city destroyed so they surrendered.

7 September: German planes bomb London while British planes hit dozens of German cities.

December: Japan joins the AXIS. Italy invades Greece. The war in deserts of North Africa have begun.

10 May 1941: German bombs destroy British House of commons.

22 June: Hitler breaks his promise with Stalin and invades Russia. The Soviets are enraged and are not going to give up easily without a fight.

8 December: Japanese warplanes bomb US navy Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii. The US go to war in the Pacific with the Japanese.

11 December: Germany and Italy declare war on the USA.

20 January 1942: German leaders agree that Jewish people are not human. Fit Jews will be worked to death and the weak will be starved or killed in death camps.

4 November: In the North African desert the British drive back German tanks El Alamein.

February 1943: Germans beaten at Stalingrad Russia. The Soviets start the long bloody journey to Berlin.

23 July: Allies are back in Europe for the first time since June 1940.

25 July: Italy's Benito Mussolini is thrown out of power because the ALLIES invaded.

April: The US are making their way to Japan. Meanwhile the Soviets have reached Poland and Romania.

6 June: The ALLIES land in France and head towards Berlin.

September: US soldiers arrive on German soil but the Germans fight back.

27 January 1945: Soviets arrive at Auschwitz concentration camp and free 5000 prisoners.

12 March: A 14 year old girl by the name of Anne Frank finished her diary three months ago with the final words: ALL PEOPLE ARE GOOD. She dies of starvation and fever in concentration camp.

28 April: Benito Mussolini is shot and hanged by the heels.

30 April: Allies surround Berlin. Hitler decided to poison his dog, his wife Eva and finally himself.

7 May: Germany finally surrenders. The war in Europe is over. But the Japanese will not surrender and will fight on to the death.

6 August: US drop two nuclear bombs on the cites Hiroshima and Nagasaki codenamed: LITTLE BOY and FAT MAN. Japan surrender and WW2 is finally over.

World War 2 took away 40,000,000 lives from start to finish.
Enjoy and expect more History timelines on the way!
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KGB-101 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
August 6, 1945 Little Boy over Hiroshima. Time of explosion: 8:15 AM
August 9, 1945 Fat Man over Nagasaki. Time of explosion: 11:02 AM
KGB-101 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

1937 Japan invades China (Inspired to book "Rape of Manking"
smokehunter2 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Student Artist
Yes. I know I missed out some things. But I was mainly focusing on Europeans (mostly Germany) And I have also already done the Nuclear bombs over H and N. (If I did not include this then I might as well just burn every WW2 book in the world.)But yes, thank you for your cooperation.
KGB-101 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad to be of service!
organizationXIIIfan1 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
WWII is my favorite historical event, to be honest. ^^; But, yeah, I think it sums it up. I've got a timeline of events leading to WWII I got from my European History textbook. If you'd like to see it, I'll post it for you. ^^
smokehunter2 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Student Artist
Sure! Go ahead!
organizationXIIIfan1 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, sorry it took awhile, but here's the link [link] .
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012
Very great overview!

Maybe you could add the world crisis of 1929, it brought the NSDAP enough votes, also you should add the peaceful territory gains of Hitler at first (Saarland, Rheinland, Austria and Sudetenland).
And donīt forget Stauffenberg 20th July 1944 and Rommels victories.

Also the French did not surrender because of Paris, but because Rommels tanks and the fast Blitzkrieg tactics forced them in 6 weeks to surrender. Hitler didnīt want to destroy Paris, else he couldīve done it.

And last but not least, the bombing of Dresden by british american bombers was one of the most famous war-crimes on cultural objects in this awful war.

I know youīre British, you should stay objective and also see it from the german view, the generals and soldiers that fought in a honest way, can be honoured, from both sides.

And I think the number of victims was 55 million not only 40, sadly...
smokehunter2 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Student Artist
I respect both the allies and the axis for their decisions. Just not Hitlers decisions. Every country fought against each other extremely bravely. It was Hitler who was brainwashing young Germans. The Germans im mentioning in the timeline were the brainwashed ones. By the way, have you seen this vid? [link]
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
Thanks for the respect, Iīm glad you can be that objective, not many think so :)

Yes the Germans followed him, because he brought back order, money and territories at first. But the normal people didnīt really want a new war. And when the war was running, the Germans were too afraid of the punishment of the Allies to give up, so they fought to the last.
And well what the Russians did in East-Germany proved how awful it wouldīve been to give up against the Russians.
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